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Why you can still love Jennifer Lawrence

By Kaydee Donohoo
Staff Writer

A few weeks ago, Jennifer Lawrence won a Golden Globe, and her comment to a reporter about it went viral. It didn’t go viral for the usual reasons Jennifer Lawrence does. Many were saying her comments to a foreign reporter about using his phone to ask her a question were blatantly rude, and that she even reprimanded him.

Some dramatic people are saying this is the “end of Jennifer Lawrence.” They don’t mean the end of her making movies or winning awards. They mean the end of the public finding her funny, relatable, and charming. I don’t find this true for several reasons.

Judgement on celebrities can go too far too quickly, because there is a mindset that they “signed up for it.” Sure, Lawrence’s chosen job puts her in the public eye more than others’ chosen jobs, but it’s not in anyone’s job description to absorb everyone’s hatred for not being whatever everyone wants all of the time.

There is nothing wrong with not wanting to think Jennifer Lawrence is relatable anymore. She is a celebrity that reacts to fame, and meeting other celebrities with the same fangirl enthusiasm and disbelief that a lot of people would have if they were suddenly thrown into her position.

Personally I think this flare of her personality is still strong, but I understand why others might not. It can’t last forever. She’s going to get more used to being famous and meeting other celebrities, just as we are getting more used to her. No one can be new forever.

But this doesn’t mean we have to abandon her as fans. Plenty of celebrities were never seen as relatable and are still loved. Lawrence can be appreciated in other, more evolved ways. This may even seem more genuine and fireproof in the world of fan to famous actress love.

People are overreacting. She’s not being rude. Successful or not, she’s trying to be funny. The reporter was laughing, and not defensive. While Lawrence didn’t exactly smile, her expression clearly showed she was telling a joke.

If you don’t find Jennifer Lawrence funny, that’s perfectly fine. If you used to love her, but the newness wore off, it’s all right to think that. Just don’t let some small incident determine how you feel about a person, celebrity or not.

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