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Weeg leads volleyball

Weeg leads volleyball

October 18, 2017

The presidential debate stage: not to be confused with an actual stage

September 29, 2016

By Kaydee Donohoo Staff Writer As written by most major media sources, deciding between the two major party candidates has not been between policy, but between their morals. One reason for this is that Trump’s policies are so...

Simmons students discuss the pros and cons of studying abroad

September 28, 2016

By Alison Barnett Staff Writer Every year, many Simmons students choose to spend time studying abroad. Travelling abroad is an excellent way to further your education while learning about a different culture and getting to know p...

Can I pet your (service) dog?

September 16, 2016

By Erin Hickey Contributing Writer Here is a scenario: for the first time, a student shared a class with a student who required a service dog. The student watched the beautiful golden retriever guide his handler to a chair ...

Destinations that accepts Fenway cash

September 16, 2016

By Kanika Miller Staff Editor Wondering what is available to COF students via Fenway cash? Here are a few places other than Star Market you might not have known. For student taking an art class this term or a course require some ar...

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