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Opinion: how Simmons should improve sports viewership

For students to carve time out of their busy college schedules to go to a game, there needs to be better communication further in advance. 
Lily Boland

Let’s face it, Simmons University has never been known for its sports. However, one complaint I hear often is how Simmons lacks spirit, specifically surrounding sports, and I could not agree more. The need for sports fans is crucial as they “have a direct impact on the result of sporting events through their emotional and monetary support.” So, what should Simmons implement to ensure more spirited students?

No matter where sporting events are held, a lack of Simmons students appear in the stands cheering. A reason for this is inadequate transportation. Daly Field is located far from Simmons via an expensive, 15-minute rideshare or a difficult, 55-minute public transit. 

Although there is a fan bus to transport Simmons students from the residential campus to Daly Field, it is often poorly advertised and unreliable. Often, fans have to ride back to campus alongside the student-athletes. Proper advertising and implementing the fan bus would help create a seamless fan experience for students. 

There is also a complete lack of transportation to regattas and races held by the Simmons Crew Team. While this would be challenging to execute, there needs to be a way for fans to travel from Simmons to the rivers, particularly on occasions like the Head of the Charles, which is a renowned crew race day.

Sarah Cournoyer, a sophomore on the crew team told The Voice, “no students ever show up to our regattas, if any do it’s the occasional boyfriend or girlfriend, but that’s very rare.” 

Games at the Holmes Sports Center allow easy access for supportive students, however they are often poorly advertised. I frequently find out about the fan bus operating times the night before a game day. The only steady form of communication of games, and fan buses, is via an Instagram story posted for only 24 hours on the Simmons Sharks account. For students to carve time out of their busy college schedules to go to a game, there needs to be better communication further in advance. 

Teams such as volleyball or swim and dive have the opportunity to collect big crowds but are often only filled with family and friends. For improved advertising, Simmons could place yard signs pointing to the Holmes Sports Center on quad pathways. I urge for there to be better communication between sports groups and the Simmons community. One way this could be executed is through a Simmons sports newsletter that sends emails regarding sports game times, and transportation, for the week. This would not only reach a wider audience but also help students plan better. Cournoyer also mentions how she wishes there could be more interactive posts during games showing students what they are missing out on.

There needs to be more incentives at games. Things like stylish Simmons T-shirts, bells, or pom-poms help make fans excited to support our fellow student-athletes. Fans should be allowed to keep these items for upcoming games to help encourage retention. Another idea is starting giveaways which would bring in a larger turnout. While these incentives require funding, school spirit and a tighter-knit community are worth it. 

Cournoyer explains “Having support, especially from people our age rather than just our parents, is very beneficial and it’s very helpful and it makes our team feel motivated.”  So, whether you need a break from studying, or want to become more involved in the Simmons community, I highly recommend supporting your fellow students at games!

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About the Contributor
Lily Boland
Lily Boland, Graphics Editor
Lily Boland (2027, she/her) is majoring in Arts Administration and Communications on the Digital Communications and Design track respectively. She is a member of the Honors program and the Sidelines Magazine team. Outside of student-driven media, she enjoys solving NYT crossword puzzles, exploring museums, and grabbing a cannoli with friends in the North End.

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  • M

    Maureen GrantMay 7, 2024 at 3:14 pm

    Hi my name is Maureen Grant. I am a senior captain of the soccer team and the President of the student athlete advisory committee. I just want to offer some perspective on these complaints! The athletic department and SAAC have continuously been working to increase participation and viewership at athletic events. Many of the suggestions posed in this article have been implemented on numerous occasions. We offer fan busses at least once a season per sport but have struggled to get high numbers of people to come. These busses and transportation are INCREDIBLY expensive and it is challenging to justify the cost when we only have 2-6 people on average participate. I can speak on behalf of the entire department and say we certainly all agree we would love as much viewership and fans as possible! I just wanted to shed light on a few of these claims made and emphasize our continued efforts of engagement. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  • A

    Aliya LewisMay 6, 2024 at 8:26 pm

    Yes! Totally agree with all of this. Our sports teams put in so much work and they deserve the audience attendance.

  • L

    LeahMay 6, 2024 at 8:25 pm

    10/10. 10000% agree.