The problem with Quadside; Or, to liberate ourselves, we must fully liberate Ms. Pac-Man

By Mackenzie Farkus
Staff Writer

Many students who live on the Simmons Residence Campus agree that Quadside is in dire need of attention. While the area containing the mailroom, music practice room, and prayer room are all kept in good shape, the rest of Quadside has dim lighting, broken tables and chairs, and a general dinginess that never seems to go away. In a place that should serve as the Residence Campus’ version of the Student Activities Center, there really aren’t too many students or activities there.

Although Quadside has a Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine and a pool table, there are some issues with both of these activities. First and foremost: it costs $1 to play one game of Ms. Pac-Man. There are ways to rig arcade machines in order to make them playable without monetary input. Students would love to have fun and de-stress by playing Ms. Pac-Man, but they may need to save that money for laundry or transportation. While the pool table, on the other hand, is completely free, many students have gotten splinters from the pool cues due to their damaged state.

Quadside has seen better days. According to many seniors and alumni, Quadside used tohave a cafe that sold snacks, beverages, and other necessities. In fact, as of Feb. 6, 2018, the Residence Life section of the Simmons website still advertises “Quadside Cafe” underneath a tab for Smith Hall.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 10.04.11 PM
Source: Simmons College

The ideal Quadside would have student artwork decorating the walls, pool cues that aren’t splintered, clean tables and chairs, a free (fully liberated) Ms. Pac-Man, and maybe just maybe a reopened cafe. Hopefully, in the midst of Simmons renovating areas on the Academic Campus, administrators will turn their attention to Quadside as well.