Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

In the op-ed “Simmons website needs a makeover” (Nov. 4, 2015), it is clear Kate Joseph has a strong opinion about the new Simmons website. I’d like to provide some important performance data so readers will have a more balanced view of the new site. Since design aesthetic is subjective, we in the Marketing Department believe performance data provides the best indication of a website’s success.

Our new website has performed exceptionally well based on internal goals as well as external assessments by experts like those at MITX (Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange) and at the 2015 WebAwards. From these measures, we know more people are using the new website successfully. Specifically:

• Unique pageviews to our “Visit Simmons” pages are up 311 percent over this same time last year.

• Unique pageviews to our “Apply” pages are up 179 percent over this same time last year.

• Unique pageviews to our “Request Info” pages are up 176 percent over this same time last year.

• The website supported recruitment of the largest incoming first-year class in the history of the college.

• The website was a finalist for the 2015 MITX Award in Education Marketing.

• The website was judged by a panel as a Standard of Excellence for Education at the 2015 WebAwards. The panel was made up of industry leaders, including Microsoft and Yahoo.

As always, we welcome specific, detailed feedback. For those interested, please submit feedback to webmaster@simmons.edu or through the online form so my office has an opportunity to evaluate it for implementation.

Courtney Dee
Director of Online Communication and Design