Democracy Matters: how to stay politically active over the summer

By Katie Campbell

Staff writer

It can be pretty simple to be up to date on politics and politically active while at college. There are so many politically driven and activist oriented groups on campus, one may find themselves more politically active than when they arrived.

Even though summer is coming which means being away from Boston, Simmons College, and all the politically active groups here that doesn’t mean one can’t be politically active over the summer wherever they may find themselves. So if someone is wondering how to stay politically active over the summer, here are some easy ways to do so!


Talk about politics with friends and family! Although this may sound really small and simple getting your opinion heard and informing yourself and others really is a small step to help towards making a difference.

Consider getting involved within your local politics, or involve yourself in your community. If there’s something about your community that concerns you it probably concerns others too!

Keep yourself updated on marches and rallies happening over the summer. Even if you are unable to attend it’s important to keep yourself up to date through social media.

Watch and read the news. This is a super easy way to keep yourself informed and up to date on what’s happening in politics, and the more informed you are the more politically active you’re able to be.

There are so many ways to stay politically active during the summer and to keep the feeling of political activism one may feel going, and the summer is a great time to delve into and really focus on activism!