Drinan addresses student health

By Katie Sittig-Boyd
Staff Writer

In last week’s Thoughts From the President email, President Helen Drinan addressed the issue of student health on campus, specifically in regard to the Ten Demands.

President Drinan addressed the administrative action that will take place in response to the demand for improved health services on campus. The first step, Drinan wrote, is to “establish a formal channel for student feedback and input to review, evaluate, and as needed, modify our services and programs.”

President Drinan added that while health services on campus have routinely sought feedback from students, she mentioned that reaching students beyond the traditional pool of users is critical.

The hours of service will also be reviewed, as will the service and delivery methods, in order to take into account how best to provide care for students. This includes understanding barriers for students seeking care, such as the physical location of the health center.

In addition, President Drinan expressed the ongoing investment in training and education for current clinical staff, as well as attraction and retention of diverse staff.

President Drinan wrote, “Listening intently to student voices, particularly those of the Students of Color Inclusion Council, is an important first step.”

The next opportunity for the community to meet and discuss the Ten Demands is Friday, Feb. 18, in the LKP.