Fashion Spot: Affordable Gender-Neutral Brands

By Haley Verre
Staff Writer

Androgynous fashion has been in style for decades, a lot of big brands still fall strictly into “menswear” or “womenswear.” The problem with this is that these brands don’t take other forms of gender expression and identity into account.

Another problem is that up and coming gender-neutral brands can be expensive, so the clothes are not accessible to most people. There are only a few brands listed here because there is such a lack of affordable gender-neutral clothing, which is a problem within and of itself. The average cost of a shirt on some of these websites is in the $100 range, even if they’re on sale.

Fortunately, places like Target and Abercrombie are offering gender-neutral clothing for children. But when you’re on a college budget, you want clothes that won’t break the bank and are meant to fit an adult.

Here are some of the most affordable fashion brands that either specialize in gender-neutral apparel:

  1. Flavnt Streetwear

Flavnt’s slogan is “changing the world and looking damn fine doing it.” If Flavnt were a person, they would be a Simmons student. The clothes it offers are unapologetically bold and are very much in line with the current trend of statement shirts, which are usually feminist and smart-mouthed.

Flavnt is not only size-inclusive, but it participates in fundraiser partnerships to raise money for top surgeries by donating 15 percent of its proceeds.

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  1. Wildfang

Wildfang is great if you’re looking for a wide variety of options. It offers everything from basic t-shirts to full formal suits. Although it can be on the pricier side,  it offers sale items under $25. The pieces this brand offers are both playful and serious, so you can express yourself in different ways.

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  1. CharlieBoy

CharlieBoy is a gender-neutral Australian brand inspired by traditional menswear pieces. The clothes are ethically sourced and high quality, which means the price is a little on the high side. Just like Wildfang, there are still a few great options available that are on sale.  If you want to find out more about why CharlieBoy is so passionate about Australian-made and ethical clothing, read about it here.

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  1. Outplay

This clothing brand based in Miami specializes in genderless activewear and swimsuits, which makes it a go-to for summer and vacation essentials.  You’re in luck if you’re a fan of blue because it comprises most of Outplay’s clothes. These briefs  (as shown below) are particularly a good buy if you’re interested in buying swim shorts that are a little cheekier and more revealing than a traditional pair. Sizes range from XS to 2XL.

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