A Thousand Words: Simmons students talk about their favorite Thanksgiving traditions

Photos by Brittany Abuhoff

Lili poses in her infinity scarf
“Every year, I go back to my home in San Diego. After dinner, we all go out in the backyard and play football. It gets pretty intense.”
– Lili Blumkin ’17
Georgina smiles for the camera
“My grandmother usually comes to our house for Thanksgiving and makes classic Thankgiving dishes like Turkey and mashed potatoes, but she also makes traditional Chinese dishes. This year another friend of mine came who is Israeli, so we had American, Chinese and Israeli dishes. It was cool.”
– Georgina Lai ’19
Teriyana smiles for the camera
“Every Thanksgiving, my family plays a big game of kickball after out big Thanksgiving dinner in the afternoon. This year my two young nephew came who are very cute.”
– Teriyana Cohens ’19
Heather poses for the camera
“My family doesn’t have any crazy Thanksgiving traditions that we follow every year. We usually make the classic American Thanksgiving dishes like turkey, pie and cranberry sauce.”
– Heather Moeykens ’18