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A conversation with Hush Club: Somerville native band taking over local indie scene

“We had been posting on TikTok regularly with the idea of throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks… It turns out if you throw a pizza at the wall, it’s pretty sticky.”
Elizabeth Weiss
Hush Club playing Brighton Music Hall January 25

On December 19, local band Hush Club posted a TikTok captioned “If you send us proof that you saved this video, we’ll invite you to our house and make you a pizza with toppings of your choice.” Band members Alasdair MacKenzie, Liz Kantor and Chris Haley never expected what would follow. The video amassed over 56.2K views and they messaged over a hundred people inviting them to a pizza party. 

Hush Club formed in 2019 after MacKenzie, Kantor, and Haley met in college. Although they never formally met, MacKenzie and Haley had played against each other in ultimate frisbee in high school. MacKenzie shared that he remembered Haley “because he was the captain of his team. I was not so important on mine, but I remembered who he was and then we ended up in college together the next year and we ran into each other.” 

They started to jam together after realizing that they had a similar music taste. Kantor joined the group after a mutual friend introduced her to MacKenzie and Haley. 

Both MacKenzie and Haley had a lifelong dream of being musicians while Kantor wanted to be a doctor.  “Unlike Alasdair and Chris, I wasn’t really into music as a kid. I did a lot of theater– I performed and acted in a lot of musicals,” she explained. “I thought if I wanted to go into an artistic field it was gonna be being on Broadway or something like that.” 

As the conversation delved into musical influences, 60s pop seemed to be a common denominator. “When I was really little my dad was really obsessed with U2 and so I basically grew up for the first 10 years of my life exclusively listening to U2,” said Haley. The Edge, U2’s guitarist, has a unique understanding of musical composition that drove him to discover his independent style according to Haley. Similarly, Kantor cited Fleetwood Mac’s collaborative approach to songwriting. 

“I think that’s the closest analog I can think of to what we’re doing [as a band] because obviously you can, you know, pick out Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham’s voices, but it sounds like a cohesive project because of the way we’re doing it.” 

 After the return of live music after the pandemic, Hush Club performed their first headlining show, selling out the historic Club Passim in Harvard Square. On January 25th, Hush Club performed their biggest show to date at Brighton Music Hall. Besides headlining, they have shared the stage with fellow indie acts Micheal Sayer, Wobby, and Will Lee. 

But what’s next for Hush Club? While they told the Voice they don’t have any particular venues or festivals they want to play, they are working on spending more time together and doing what they love.

“If we get to spend most of our time making music we’re happy with and enjoy, that sounds like success to me,” said Haley.

Latest single, “The Moon” is a testament to how their style continues to evolve as they continue to perfect their craft. 

“You’re always growing, you’re always changing and to make art that looks good to you for multiple different vantage points in your life, I think is quite an achievement,” said MacKenzie.

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Elizabeth Weiss
Elizabeth Weiss, Staff Writer
Elizabeth (El) Weiss (2027) is a Journalism major with a passion for writing about music, beauty, and fashion. Outside of the Voice, she DJs her own radio show, frequents concerts and overpriced cafes, and obsesses over her dorm cat Snowy.

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