A Thousand Words: Simmons students dress up for Halloween

By Brittany Abuhoff
Staff Writer

Halloween, or All Hallows’ Eve, is a holiday celebrated on the night of Oct. 31. Halloween is rooted in the ancient Celtic celebration of the end of harvest season know as Samhain (pron. sah-win). In the late nineteenth century, Irish and Scottish immigrants brought the holiday’s most celebrated traditions to the U.S. They believed that on the night of Oct. 31, the deceased would come back to life and cause their crops to become damaged. In order to appease them, the Celtics would dress up in masks and costumes that would mimic the spirits.

This holiday has evolved from a Celtic ritual into what it is today: a day for people of all ages to dress up as their favorite characters or figures and engage in popular activities such as “trick-or-treaating” or going to Halloween-themed parties.

A student wearing glittery makeup
Junior Maggie Kirby dresses up as glitter. (Photo by Brittany Abuhoff)
Student, seated, in skeleton makeup holding a pumpkin
First-year Maura Dompkouski dresses up as a skeleton. (Photo by Brittany Abuhoff)
Student poses in her Korra costume
Allison Paladino ’19 dresses up as Avatar Korra, title lead in Nickelodeon’s animation “The Legend of Korra.” (Photo by Brittany Abuhoff)
The entrance to Professor White's office, featuring a ghost with a pumpkin
Professor White decorates the front of his office with festive Halloween accoutrements. (Photo by Brittany Abuhoff)