Red Cross employees kidnapped in Congo

By Brittany Abuhoff
Staff Writer

On Tuesday, three employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross were abducted in Kinshasa, a town in the eastern region of Congo.

According to the Congo-based Center of Study for the Promotion of Peace, Democracy and Human Rights, they were abducted by armed men while driving from Goma to Kibrizi in the province of North Kivu. They were working as drivers for the Red Cross.

The armed men were not identified.

The United Nations later condemned the growing trend of attacks against humanitarian aid groups in eastern Congo.

In early March, three employees for Save the Children were abducted and held hostage for seven days in Lubero, also in the North Kivu province. Last year, workers were kidnapped in the Philippines and French staff members were abducted in Chad and Sudan. They have since been released.