Man charged with bomb scare pleads not guilty

By Lindsey Stokes
Staff Writer

The defendant and his lawyer in court
James Derepentigny appeared in court on Monday (Photo from

A man charged with prompting a bomb scare in Boston last Friday when he allegedly left a suitcase near a Department of Homeland Security vehicle has been held on $50,000 bail.

James Derepentigny of Lawrence pleaded not guilty Monday in Boston Municipal Court to planting a hoax device.

According to Police Commissioner William Evans, Derepentigny, who was caught on surveillance camera, abandoned a floral-print suitcase next to the vehicle and walked away quickly.

Though no explosives were found inside the suitcase, police decided to do a controlled detonation of the suitcase.

Derepentigny’s court-appointed attorney pointed out that the suitcase did not contain explosives and asked for lower bail.