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The good, the bad, and the Windows 10


By Salena Von
Contributing Writer

Technology has always found a way to improve itself. These improvements are meant to make using them simpler and more efficient. Apple and Microsoft are no exceptions to this rule; both companies try to outdo each other with updates and apps that everyone seems ten seconds behind or before another update is ready for download.

Microsoft has recently upgraded its Windows operating system, Windows 10, and people have plenty of things to say about it – whether good or bad.

With Windows 10, users of the older version (more specifically Windows 8/8.1 users) have the opportunity to upgrade free of charge. Unfortunately, users of Windows 7 may want to hold off on the upgrade since it would be a hassle to learn how to operate a totally different system, giving more meaning to the expression: “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” In this case, it would be upgrading, since fixing a broken laptop or computer is not a fancy idea for the wallet.

One benefit included in Windows 10 is the Start Menu, a useful tool that has everything you need with a click of a mouse or a tap of a finger. The update allows you to continue your work from a tablet or phone and bring it onto the computer screen.

Just like the older versions of Windows, you can have multiple pages open at the same time, but this newer version makes it over-the-top – you now can have more windows opened at the same time (multitasking to the max!).

But with all good things, there must be negative effects. Since Windows 10 was recently released to the public, there is not much going on in the Apps Department. The Windows Store is basically a wasteland of apps that really will not benefit you at the moment.

Not to mention that with the new digital assistant, Cortana, in the mix, privacy matters are going to be a problem for. The problem many people had with the new Windows 10 is that the privacy options are extremely invasive.

In some ways, this invasion of privacy does function for the program to work a little more efficiently. The reason for this is that, for example, Cortana may be able to offer you options to your searches or questions that are more tailored for you due to the fact that they have all your information.

Another downside is that after downloading the program, you lose the Windows Media Center as a consequence because Microsoft would rather have you watch things from an Xbox.

Whether you decide to upgrade to Windows 10 or not, there are positives and drawbacks.

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