‘Rick and Morty’ season 3 finale gets schwifty

By Ariel Kohane

Staff Writer

The “Rick and Morty” season 3 finale was weird, confusing, and schwifty!

As per usual, this episode was jam-packed with teleportation, alternate dimensions, and Rick’s disgusting burps. The finale wrapped up plots involving the Smith family’s mangled relationships, Rick’s ongoing feud with the President, and even Mr. Poopy Butthole!

“Rick and Morty” promotional art. Source: Hulu

Much of the episode focuses on Morty’s mother, Beth’s battles with her identity and questions whether she is a cloned version of herself. As she struggles through this identity crisis, the audience can take into account how disturbed the canonic multi-verse of Rick and Morty truly is. According to Rick, there are infinite realities, and that means that the things that matter to us in life don’t actually matter. But what does he mean?

Throughout the episode Rick mentions how he could easily just hop into any other universe (preferably one in which he isn’t considered a terrorist or in which Jerry Smith is dead) and live out his life doing whatever he wants. In the end, however, he decides to stay and live with his daughter’s family as an “outsider.”

Even though Rick believes that his enormous sacrifices in his life entitle him to do as he pleases, he still stays behind and lives with people who he claims don’t matter to him. If that isn’t a touching—well, in a disturbing Rick-esque kind of way—way to end a season, then you’ll just have to wait “a really long time,” as Mr. Poopy Butthole would say.