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EP review: boygenius releases reflective “the rest”

The EP comprises four songs, each a reflection on the singers’ past life experiences.
Matt Grub

Boygenius released their newest EP “The Rest” on Friday, October 13. Bandmates Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus each have songs they lead vocals on the EP. The EP is similar to their previous release “The Record”, which “The Rest” is a continuation of. The EP comprises four songs, each a reflection on the singers’ past life experiences.

Black Hole

The first track on the EP reflects on the complexity of the human experience. “Black Hole” uses contrasting elements within the lyrics to describe experiencing a dark (bad) time and searching for the light (good) within those moments. When Dacus and Bridgers sing “It’s out of your hands, but have a safe flight,” one can sense the sliver of hope they are holding onto to control a situation they cannot.

I enjoy the slow beginning of this track. It speeds up gradually and then slows down towards the end, which is pleasurable to the listener. The musical production of this particular track was done well. 

Afraid of Heights 

I was lucky enough to experience this track in concert at MGM Music Hall on September 26, as a teaser for the release of the full EP. Dacus sang the song live with intimate emotion in her voice. The passion in her voice and the lyrics filled the room. This track is about feelings of fear and mortality and the slowness and calming tone of her voice relay those themes. 

Anyone who’s experienced anxiety can relate to this track, as she sings about experiences  she’s never had that her partner believes she needs to in order to live a “vibrant life.” Dacus continues, worrying that she can’t impress her partner and feeling like a disappointment. I really enjoy this song not only for Dacus’ musical abilities but for its message and relatability. We hear about Dacus’ very human experience of the pursuit of adventure, while the fear of getting hurt holds her back. 


The third track, “Voyager,” is led by Phoebe Bridgers. Similar to, “Afraid of Heights,” this song also reflects on a past relationship. However, it’s less about fear and more about realization of a loss of connection during a relationship. 

This track feels like it should be on Bridger’s 2020 solo album, “Punisher.” It parallels “Moon Song,” which contains the well-known lyric “if I could give you the moon, I would give you the moon.” In “Voyager,” Bridgers says, “walking alone in the city makes me feel like a man on the moon, every small step I took was so easy but I never imagined a dot quite as pale or blue.” She then continues by referring to the moon and saying, “you took it from me, but I would’ve given it to you.” I read that Bridgers’ is reflecting on the end of the relationship she references in both songs and the growth and realization that comes with the end of a dependent relationship. 

The parallels between the previously mentioned songs make me love this track even more. It’s my favorite on the track due to its slow beat start and storytelling lyrics. 


Baker leads this track and reflects on the journey of becoming herself. This track isn’t my favorite on the EP. It uses comic-book-like references like “did I fall into a nuclear reactor,” and “a hostile alien ambassador.” The questions posed in the track communicate the message behind the song, which makes it harder to grasp the overall meaning of the song at first. 

The track is about finding not only the origin but also the meaning of one’s unique identity. The message behind the lyrics can be relatable. The instrumentals at the end sound like they belong in a superhero movie and leave time for the listener to reflect on their identity and think about how or why they are living the life they are.

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