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Maude Latour brings magic to the West End

If you were on the outskirts and nowhere near Latour, the energy from the rest of the fans made up for it.
Liv Corneyea

Maude Latour brought her Twin Flame Tour to Boston this past Thursday at Big Night Live in the West End.

Latour ran out on stage to her song “I am not the sun,” thanking Boston for welcoming her back, and introducing the crowd to her tour. This song’s whimsical instrumentals combined with Latour’s exciting stage presence really set the tone for a magical night.

The set was simple, but the screen behind Latour and her band displayed numerous entertaining visuals. Depending on the song, the screen switched between bright colors swirled together, flames, a sunset, and Latour’s logo, which reads Maude Latour in rainbow letters with her signature yellow star. Lights illuminated the crowd, dancing from green to blue to purple. The combination of visuals and colors projected onto the crowd added to the magic. 

The crowd danced to “Twin Flame,” the title track from her most recent EP. Throughout the crowd, friends and couples sang the line “you’re my twin flame for life” to each other. The energy during Latour’s hit singles “Clean” and “Furniture” was unbeatable as fans jumped around, dancing, and singing back at Latour at the top of their lungs. 

About halfway into her set, Latour threw in acoustic performances of her songs “Lovebomb” and “Trees.” Unlike the rest of her performance, where she was very upbeat and energetic, Latour brought out a stool for her and her guitarist, setting a more laid-back vibe. She asked the crowd to sing the background vocals of “Trees,” adding to an already beautiful display. 

Following the acoustic portion of the show, Latour performed “Lola,” and had the crowd screaming “keep my girls protected, I’m turned on when I’m respected.” Prior to this song, Latour gave a speech to the crowd about loving yourself and those around you, which went perfectly with the theme of the song. 

“No Rush” and “Walk Backwards” were combined into an exciting mashup, catching fans by surprise. The two songs went together beautifully, despite one being about platonic love and the other being about romantic love. This mashup added a unique touch to the set and showcased Latour’s fantastic vocals. 

For “Minerals and Diamonds,” Latour asked the crowd to make room so she could come into the crowd and dance with her fans. This, along with the venue being on the smaller side, made the concert feel all the more personal. Fans squeezed together when the beat dropped, trying to get as close to the performer as possible, while also being respectful and listening to security. Latour felt confident enough to go straight into the crowd without warning her fans that she was coming to join them. If you were on the outskirts and nowhere near Latour, the energy from the rest of the fans made up for it.

“Block Your Number” was the final song of Latour’s set and the crowd went wild. All of the dancing had the floor literally shaking under fans’ feet. 

After much encouragement and cheering from the crowd, Latour came back out for a two-song encore. “Cyclone” and “One More Weekend” were perfect songs to end a fun-filled concert. 

The encore was, arguably, the best part of the night. Even after an hour of dancing and singing, the crowd met Latour’s excited energy.

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Liv Corneyea, Staff Writer
Liv Corneyea (2026, she/her) is a Social Work major in the 3 + 1 program. Outside of the Voice, Liv enjoys reading, listening to music, hanging out with her friends, and dying her hair fun colors. Most importantly, Liv loves her Boston Terrier, Rita, more than she likes most people.

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