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A night in Brighton: Little Fuss, Hush Club, and Winkler take on local music hall

I came for the music but stayed for the pizza after-party.
Elizabeth Weiss
Hush Club took the stage at Brighton Music Hall

Little Fuss, Hush Club, and Winkler came together to supply Brighton Music Hall’s audience with an eclectic mix of sounds and rhythms on January 25. The main act Hush Club’s much anticipated show saw the 500 person capacity venue sell out. 

As the winter sun set and stage lights dimmed, not a single person in the audience felt the cold-weather gloom and everyone was ready for the night to come. 

Little Fuss (Elizabeth Weiss)

Little Fuss took the stage first and immersed the crowd in their signature take on alt-pop, reminiscent of the Avril Lavine 2000s pop-punk era. A crowd favorite was their take on “Black Sheep” by Metric. 

Lead singer Olivia Martinez’s energy was contagious as she spent the whole set engaging with the crowd and dancing around the stage. 

Next, much anticipated Hush Club took over. The up-and-coming Somerville-based group instantly captivated the audience. 

The crowd was a mix of seasoned fans and new listeners who had likely discovered their music from a series of viral TikToks promising pizza to those who saved their new single “The Moon.” 

Through melodic vocals and lyrics based on real-life experiences, each song proved itself relatable as the audience swayed to the rhythm. 

During the song “Caroline,” keyboardist Liz Kantor encouraged everyone to join in with the singing. She split the audience into two parts and gave each side a harmony to sing, creating a beautiful sense of togetherness for the band and fans alike. 

Hush Club, Winkler and Little Fuss (Elizabeth Weiss)

At the end of the set, Hush Club invited Little Fuss and Winkler back onto the stage. Together, they sang a cover of “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse. The trio took a unique take on the cover by swapping instruments with each other and taking turns on lead vocals. 

After Hush Club and Little Fuss left the stage, Winkler dove into their set starting with one of their most popular songs, “Drunk Surfers.” Guitarist and lead vocalist Justin Schaefers invited everyone to celebrate accompanying vocalist Maddy Simpson’s 21st birthday dancing along to his take on “Happy Birthday.” Instead of the traditional song you’ve heard over and over again, the band incorporated instrumentals into it to give it a kick.

After the show ended, Hush Club kept their promise of free pizza with every saved single and led hungry fans across the street to have a celebratory pizza party at Graffiti Pizza. 

The pizza party allowed an opportunity for people to get to know the bands, make new friends, and revel in a sense of newfound community. 

The three groups made an unforgettable night full of music, new friendships and––of course––pizza. 

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Elizabeth Weiss
Elizabeth Weiss, Staff Writer
Elizabeth (El) Weiss (2027) is a Journalism major with a passion for writing about music, beauty, and fashion. Outside of the Voice, she DJs her own radio show, frequents concerts and overpriced cafes, and obsesses over her dorm cat Snowy.

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