Alum profile: Rebecca Radford

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By Alison Bernstein

Staff Writer

The Voice caught up with Rebecca Radford, Class of January 2016, to hear her Simmons story.


Source: Rebecca Radford

1. When someone says “Simmons,” what do you think of? Any words or feelings that come to mind?

When I hear the word “Simmons,” some of the things that come to mind are pride, community, and friendship. I am proud to be a Simmons graduate, and I felt like I was a member of a supportive community while attending. I also formed many lasting friendships at Simmons which continue to this day.

2. What is your job, and how do Simmons values relate to that job?

While I am currently looking for work, I spent a good portion of my time after graduating as part of the communications department for a medical company.

When I held this position, I found that many of the values which are emphasized at Simmons played an integral role in what I did. Those values include compassion, empathy, diligence, and loyalty—all vital pieces of working in the medical field.

3. How has Simmons prepared you for the transition from school to the real world?

I do feel that I was more prepared to enter the “real world” having been a Simmons student. Some of the specific ways in which Simmons prepared me for life include teaching me how to write a resume, succeed at a job interview, and navigate the work world overall. I was also able to find housing with other alums, whom I may never have met if not for Simmons.

4. Do you have a favorite Simmons memory?

One of my favorite Simmons memories is the arts and crafts night we would have in Quadside. I got to try a lot of fun activities that I might not have tried on my own, but more importantly it gave me a productive break from my studies where I could get to know my fellow students.

5. If you had 30 seconds to tell a prospective student why they should consider Simmons, what would you tell them?

If I had 30 seconds to tell a prospective student why they should attend Simmons, I would list the following: small classes with individual and personalized attention for each student, talented and accomplished professors, a large variety of course offerings, a real sense of community, and a great location in Boston.