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‘The LEGO Batman Movie’: everything is awesome


By Lisa Nault

Staff Writer

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By far the best comedy of 2017 and arguably the best film as of right now, “The LEGO Batman Movie” is a treat for all ages. It is fun and colorful so it grabs every child’s attention while making references to past “Batman” films that the older audience members will appreciate. The movie also makes other wonderful references to famous books, films, and television shows that are sure to please everyone in the theater.

Similar to “The LEGO Movie,” this animated feature is full of wonderfully simple and random humor that is so wholesome viewers cannot help but smile. The film literally opens with Batman’s commentary on the production company logos and how edgy they are supposed to be—like him. From the opening credits to the wonderful song that plays during the end credits, viewers enjoy every joke about Batman’s attempts to be deep/edgy and Joker’s need for Batman to admit that the Joker is his greatest enemy (and not Superman).

One of the film’s highlights, is the animation. The lighting in every scene is perfect and mimics the dramatic cinematography audiences have become accustomed to in dramatic action features. The animation also uses the blocky movements of legos to its advantage as a tool for comedic moments. When Batman feels awkward in front of people or does not want to answer a questions, his stiff movements make his behavior appear even more ridiculous.

The cast of “The LEGO Batman Movie” is phenomenal. Every single performer is perfect in their roles. Michael Cera captures Robin’s adorable innocence and optimism with his child-like voice. Rosario Dawson portrays a smart and competent leader as Barbara Gordon who appreciates Batman’s skills but also does not put up with his attitude. Zach Galifianakis is such an upbeat person that his Joker portrayal comes across as sympathetic even though he is technically the bad guy. Viewers immediately connect with him and want Batman to validate the relationship they share together.

Batman’s computer system is voiced by Siri who is clearly a method actor and truly got into her role as an automated voice. She should win an Oscar for her astonishingly accurate representation of a piece of technology. Following Siri’s performance, the second best is Will Arnett as Batman. He originally played this role in “The LEGO Movie” and reprised it again, to the viewers’ pleasure. Arnett, most notably known from the television show “Arrested Development,” is hilarious. Not many people can capture a character who sees themselves as a serious authority that demands respect but is so exaggerated that they come across as a lovable idiot. Batman is still epic in this film and kicks major bad guy butt; however, there is a side to him that makes audiences want to give him a big hug.

“The LEGO Batman Movie” is too grand to explain fully in a short article for the paper. There are so many wonderful twists and the story is so creative that people simply must go watch it for themselves. The best parts cannot be explained here because that would spoil the surprise. Experience the animated film that received not a 9 percent, like some other film about a creepy abusive relationship, but a 91 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

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