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Post election stress relief

By Sofia Bonin

Staff Writer


1. Avoid energy drinks

While a Monster or Red Bull might help you stay awake and get all your work done, the crash will undoubtedly make you more susceptible to feeling anxious and irritable. Instead, opt for a reasonable amount of coffee.

2. Create a schedule

Outlining your upcoming week can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. Visualizing your daily tasks helps with staying on track and making sure you get your work done.

3. Eat well

Most college students don’t eat as well as they should. Unfortunately, ramen is not a source of…anything, apart from sodium. Eating well balanced meals will help energize you and boost your mood. Sugary foods and an unbalanced diet can lead to mood swings and blood sugar issues.

4. Quiet down

It’s important to have quiet time. Sometimes living in the dorms, being constantly surrounded by people can cloud your mind. It’s important to find time, even if its just twenty minutes a day, to sit with yourself and your thoughts.

5. Let it go

Everyone gets stressed sometimes. It’s a natural part of life. Being stressed is important, it motivates you to get your work done in a timely manner. However, too much stress can take a serious toll on your body. So make sure to feel the stress and then let it go. Holding on to anxious emotions won’t do any good.

6. Get help

If you find yourself constantly stressed and feeling anxious take advantage of the resources available to you. Counseling is readily available at the Simmons Counseling Center, located on the third floor of the Park Drive building. It can be a great help to talk out your feelings to a professional in a judgment free environment.

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