Wheelock professors accuse school of bias

By Brittany Abuhoff
Staff Writer

Wheelock College professors Gail Dines and Eric Silverman filed workplace discrimination reports against the school for allegedly discriminating against them after they co-wrote a letter about the need for more Jewish perspective on campus.

Professor Silverman filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission pleading that their letter was met with “fury and retaliation” by the administration and that he was cut off from applying for several administrative positions.

Wheelock officials say these allegations are “without merit.”

According to the 40-page complaint, the situation was aggravated when Wheelock hired an off-campus surveyor to conduct an external investigation.

In a statement, college officials said that “Although Wheelock does not comment on the particulars of personnel disputes or litigation, it disagrees strongly with the allegations made in the actions recently filed against the college.”

Dines and Silverman are now seeking damages and attorneys’ fees.