Clubs on Campus: Pre-Health Liaison prepares students for professional life

By Olivia Anderson
Contributing Writer

The members of Simmons' Pre-Health Liaison
Photo: Simmons College Pre-Health Liaison

The Pre-Health Liaison consists of students of all different majors and backgrounds pursuing careers in the healthcare field. With support from faculty and staff who know what it takes to get into a professional program in healthcare, we work with students who plan to go to professional schools in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, public health, and a number of other fields.

Every semester we host a number of events, notably Professionals Night, where we invite students and professionals in our fields of interest to come have dinner with us and speak with us about what it is really like to work in their field. We also hold weekly meetings to talk about hot topics in healthcare and local opportunities to get involved in.

This semester we have a number of other new and exciting events to look forward to. At the end of February, we will be holding two new events. On Feb. 25 we will be co-sponsoring an event with SGA to talk about non-traditional paths to careers in healthcare.

We will also be holding an event in honor of National Rare Diseases Day on Feb. 29. Then, in March, we will be hosting a suture clinic, and a doctor will come in to teach us proper suturing techniques.

Our main priority as a liaison is to provide support for students on pre-professional and healthcare tracks. It’s not an easy route to take, and we have all learned about the obstacles and how to overcome them. We want to pass this information on to anyone who would find it useful. Our organization provides a unique network of student, faculty, and alumnae support that has proven to be instrumental for future success.

Please join us for our weekly meetings, which are Mondays at 7 p.m. in the Student Activities Conference Room this semester, and stay tuned for more information on our upcoming events. Feel free to reach out to for any questions you might have.