Editorial: In solidarity with students of color

In light of recent events at the University of Missouri, and additionally in response to events here at Simmons College, the Simmons Voice would like to announce that it stands firmly in solidarity with the black students and students of color who have been targeted by threats against their safety, wellbeing, and livelihood. We stand with the students of Mizzou and offer support not only to the student community at the University of Missouri but also to any and all students of color here at Simmons College who are impacted by these events.

We issue a call to action to student newspapers, and also to media outlets, local and national alike, to ensure that the struggles of students of color, particularly black students, do not go unreported. The media remains complicit in condoning and actively promoting pervasive racialized violence, discrimination, and structural oppression by refusing to provide coverage to these struggles; by painting student efforts in a negative light; by condemning the efforts of organizers in these endeavors; and by failing to provide a means for the voices of people of color to be heard. We urge reporters to uplift these voices.

In the spirit of responsible and ethical journalism, the Simmons Voice offers itself to the students of color at Simmons to assist in any way we can. We pledge to use the spaces we inhabit, both online and in print, to promote and amplify the voices of those who need to be heard.

To the students of color at Mizzou who are intimately affected by and involved with these ongoing efforts to obtain rights for students of color at your university, we commend your continual sacrifices for the sake of establishing a necessary precedent for future generations of students. We stand with you, support you, and applaud you for your efforts.

To the students of color at Simmons either directly or indirectly involved in campus demonstrations and negotiations with administration officials, the Simmons Voice actively condemns threats to your safety, online or otherwise. We commend your efforts to better Simmons College for current and future students of color. We stand behind you in your steadfast efforts and applaud your dedication despite adversity. We will continue to fight for your concerns and issues, and provide you with any support you need.

In Solidarity,
The Simmons Voice