Internet Cat Video Festival: a round of apaws

By Jillian Jennett
Staff Writer

Picture of a film marker with a cat face and whiskers
(Photo from

Last Thursday was National Cat Day, and Boston celebrated in the only way it knew how—with the Internet Cat Video Festival.

The Berklee Performance Center hosted the event for the second consecutive year, drawing in a crowd of over 800 feline fanatics for the event. After a short introduction on the science behind cat videos, a 65-minute clip show began of the best cat videos from the past year.

The videos varied wildly, from six-second vines to short films all about cats.

There is something uniquely beautiful about listening to a room full of people emote over the same video of the same cat. The laughs and gasps and tears were all so perfectly synchronized, regardless of age or background, all united in one big mass of humanity for the love of cats.

The human experience is often so separate from one person to another. But in that room, in the halls of Berklee, all 800 people came together for the love of cats and left united, part of a larger, more meaningful experience than they may have ever felt as if they were a part of before.