‘The Missing Generation’ gives voice to AIDS survivors

By Katie Sittig-Boyd
Staff Writer

"The Missing Generation" performers
Performers tell the stories of AIDS survivors through dance-choreographed by award-winning Sean Dorsey. (Photo from TheTheaterOffensive.org)

This upcoming weekend, Oct. 23-25, The Theater Offensive will be performing “The Missing Generation,” a dance-theater performance that provides longtime survivors of the early AIDS epidemic with a voice.

This show, which has previously been performed in San Francisco and the Bay Area, focuses on the survivors who witnessed and experienced the incredible impact of AIDS on the generation of gay and transgender people in the 1980s and 1990s.

Sean Dorsey, the creator of this work, conducted oral history interviews over the course of two years with survivors of the early AIDS pandemic. Dorsey is an award-winning transgender and queer choreographer who has toured his work in 25 of the states in the U.S.

Using the interviews he conducted, he wove excerpts from these interviews into a complex performance art piece.

Although the impact of AIDS seems distant to many young gay and transgender individuals, it remains incredibly significant to older generations, and bridging the enormous gap in the history of this community.

“The Missing Generation” will be at Hibernian Hall Oct. 23-25. Tickets are available with a minimum donation of $10.

More information on showtimes, ticket purchases, and the show itself can be found at thetheateroffensive.org.