Destinations that accepts Fenway cash

By Kanika Miller

Staff Editor


Wondering what is available to COF students via Fenway cash? Here are a few places other than Star Market you might not have known. For student taking an art class this term or a course require some art supplies, than you will be happy to know that the Blick Art store on 104 Park Drive will take Fenway cash. Blick caters to art students and so is on the cheeper than other art supply stores, so a student can purchase good quality supplies at a better price then other stores that are on the pricier end of the spectrum.

For book lovers Trident Bookseller & Cafe at 338 Newbury St. takes Fenway cash. Getting caught up in the pages of the book that has grabbed you attention, so engrossed in the story you forget to eat lunch, you decide to visit the cafe portion of the book store. You do not have enough cash on you, but thankfully you have your student ID on you, so you pay for your snack with Fenway cash.

If you happen to be on Mass Ave. there is a CVS Pharmacy that takes Fenway cash. A quick bottle of Advil to quell your on coming headache, you just remember you need to pick up a card for your dad’s birthday, or you are just restocking your bathroom. You can use your Fenway cash to pay for your new purchases.

Craving for sushi? Bosho Japanese Brasserie on 1338 Boylston St. takes Fenway cash. You can already taste the crunchy tempura shrimp, succulent fish. and the salty soy source on your taste buds. Have a wonderful nigh with your friends and family at a classy Japanese restaurant using your Fenway cash.

Wanting a quick bite of Mexican food for lunch or a late dinner. Well Boloco on both 1080 Boylston St. and 359-369 Huntington Ave. accept Fenway cash. Not only does Boloco have awesome burritos, but they have good vegetarian options. Not only do they have delicious options for lunch and dinner but they also have tasty breakfast burritos to get with Fenway cash. To see the full list of what is available with Fenway cash please visit