Simmons Speaks event showcases student talent

By Nicole Allen
Contributing Writer

Members of Simmons Speaks pose together
Members of Simmons Speaks pose for a photo

A dimly lit room, hushed voices and an empty stage waiting to be filled—on Friday, Jan. 22, the masses gathered in Quadside to raise their voices and let their talents be seen and heard. This was the first open mic night of the year, hosted by Simmons Speaks, but it definitely won’t be the last.

The night kicked off around 8 p.m. and spots still remained on the open mic list. After a few performances, however, the list was filled and all the performers were excited to take their spot on the stage.

Performances ranged from poetry, musical acts consisting of covers as well as original compositions, and a few jokes were even cracked. The creative energy was flowing freely that night and it showed.

The crowd was ready to go, cheering on performers and offering words of encouragement, praise and delight. The crowd’s readiness to listen made the atmosphere in the room exciting and electric. Performers could share their work and know that their peers would be supportive and understanding of it.

One thing is for sure: Simmons Speaks really knows how to bring innovation to the stage. Each performance brought a different vibe to the stage and every performer captivated the audience in a different way.

Simmons Speaks believes in the artistic endeavor of slam and page poetry as an emotional outlet and creative tool for empowerment, education, and entertainment. Simmons Speaks announced their new meeting time: Mondays at 8 p.m. in North Hall Basement.