Humans of Simmons: the stories behind the students

“Humans of Simmons” is a new feature which highlights the students and faculty at Simmons College. Based off of Brandon Stanton’s artwork and novels, the Voice and OSLA collaborated on capturing the stories of the community on Oct. 1, 2015. There will be other events held during the year for more people to get a chance to be interviewed.

Student poses, looking thoughtfully into the distance

“My parents are always pushing me to be friends with other Korean people. My mom always tells me she prefer[s] for me to date a Korean. The problem is, most Korean girls and guys I encountered in my life are very conservative.

“The typical Koreans I met are always ‘study-only’ attitude, Christian or Roman Catholic, goes to church every Sunday, and [are] super judgy if they see you’re ‘quirky.’ I on the other hand, am agnostic and an animal lover. I actually educate myself about dogs and cats, and volunteer at MSPCA to de-stress. My best friend is white and lives in N.Y.

“The love of my life is Hispanic, and he and I’ve been dating for over two years, despite long-distance. And I feel more comfortable with him and his family, rather than my own, because he and his family are more open-minded and accepting of my flaws.”

Friends smiling together
“How long have you been friends for?” “A year–since freshman year.” “We’re sophomores now.” “Do you get along well?” “Yes, we do, haha!” “Yeah, somehow we make it work.”
The twins pose together
“I’m a twin, which I guess is pretty unique. I’m right-handed, she’s left-handed, so we’re mirror twins. I love being a twin. There’s nothing wrong with being a twin— actually it’s amazing.”
Student smiles as she describes a proud moment
“I recently got my name in the credits of a film. It was very exciting and there was a viewing party of the film with my friends. It was a very exciting moment.”