Humans of Simmons: the stories behind the students

“Humans of Simmons” is a new feature which highlights the students and faculty at Simmons College. Based off of Brandon Stanton’s artwork and novels, the Voice and OSLA collaborated on capturing the stories of the community on Oct. 1, 2015. There will be other events held during the year for more people to get a chance to be interviewed.

Student proudly shows her blonde-dyed hair
“They told me I couldn’t dye my hair blonde, so I dyed my hair blonde.”

A student's chalk-covered fingers
“Why are your hands so dirty?” “My hands are so dirty because I’ve been doing chalkboard art for October, which is Domestic [Violence] Awareness month.”
A student's red Converse sneakers
“I failed my first bio exam, and I’m a nursing major.”
Student displaying the pins on her tote bag, which reads "Sociology"
“I got all of my pins from the Sociology room. I switched into that major last year and my advisor thought I had gone wild, cause I never took a sociology course and then I turned it into my major.”