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A Smart Girl’s Guide to the MBTA

There are a few easy places to get to on the Green Line that can be fun to explore or study at!
The MBTA Green Line.
The MBTA Green Line.

As someone from a mid-sized west coast town, public transportation was not something I grew up with. The MBTA, Boston’s subway system more commonly known as the T, was a fascinating challenge for me. There’s something alluring about independently riding in a subway car, memorizing the stations and stops, and knowing exactly how to get where you want to go. 

After getting lost at least three separate times while riding the subway in Boston, I was determined to avoid the system for as long as possible. But when you live in Boston for an entire school year, you need to know how to navigate the T. 

The subway section of the T is made up of five separate lines. There’s the Red Line, which provides service to Cambridge, the Blue Line, the Green Line (the line I use most often), the Orange Line, and the Silver Line.. 

Unlike other subway systems, the T operates both above and below ground. The stop nearest to Simmons Residential Campus is the Fenway stop, which is a Green Line stop on the Riverside line. The Green Line has four different branches, each with different letters assigned to them: Boston College (B), Cleveland Circle (C), Riverside(D), and Heath Street (E). 

 Underground T stations all have kiosks, but not all aboveground stops do. When it comes to above ground rides, many riders get onto the train without paying, if the drivers open the side doors (although legally you are supposed to pay for every ride). 

The T stops at every underground station. However, it only makes stops at aboveground stations if a passenger requests a stop or if there are other passengers waiting at the stop. To ensure you don’t miss your stop, make sure you’re listening to the announcements! You can request a stop by pushing the yellow line that runs along the side of every subway car.

There are a few easy places to get to on the Green Line that can be fun to explore or study at! The Boston Public Library and Newbury Street are both only a few stops away. 

To get to the Boston Library, head to the Fenway T stop and board the Union Square train. Ride it until you reach Copley. After you exit the Copley Station, you’ll be right in front of the library!

To get to Newbury Street, board the Union Square train (again) and ride it until Hynes Convention Center. Once you exit the train, there will be signs directing you to Newbury Street and you’ll be spit out right onto the famous shopping street!

In order to get back from both the above locations, head back to the T station. Board the Riverside train, and get off at the Fenway stop. 

Coolidge Corner, located in Brookline, is a little further than the other locations mentioned above. It’s where the Brookline Booksmith, the Brookline Trader Joe’s, and the Coolidge Theater are all located. To get to Coolidge Corner, walk to the St. Mary’s Stop. It’s a bit further than the Fenway stop. Take Cleveland Circle (Branch C) and get off at Coolidge Corner. Because Coolidge Corner is an above ground stop, you’ll have to request a stop by pressing one of the buttons located around the train. 

There are a few different options when it comes to paying for the T. Riders can buy tickets at kiosks, or CharlieCards. CharlieCards are plastic and are able to be reloaded. CharlieCards can also be bought at various stores around Boston. The closest place to get a CharlieCard is Star Market. 

For more tips on getting by on the T, check out our article on T etiquette

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