The North End is an inexpensive, scenic walking tour

Walking to the North End from the Simmons campus might seem like a death march at first glance, but it’s a walk that encompases some of Boston’s most well-known districts. It takes about an hour if you go straight there, but it’s easy to turn the the trip into an all-day outing.

With the weather starting to cool off, now is the perfect time to take a long walk. There are all sorts of free things to see along the way, and a walk that usually takes just over an hour can turn into a whole afternoon of sightseeing.

Starting from the residence campus, walk along Boylston St., pass the Victory Gradens, to where it intesects Massachusetts Ave. near Berklee, then keep going. You’ll pass by the Convention Center and Boston Public Library.

Once you hit the Public Gardens, you can either meander through to the Common, or stay on Boylston St. Keep walking until you hit the Goverment Center T stop, next to City Hall Plaza, and just one block from Faneuil Hall. Head right from the T station and make your way through the marketplace. You can stop to eat, or catch one of the tourist shows that commonly feature dancers and acrobats. You might even catch some Colonial soldiers on patrol.

Once you’re past all the shops, you have a decision to make. You can either cross the street and head left to Hanover Street where the North End begins, or you can go head to the Aquarium. The seal exhibit at the aquarium is outdoors, and is free to view.

If you enter the North End let your stomach guide you. If you’re feeling like sweets, Mike’s Pastry is a local favorite, or if you prefer Modern Pastry is within walking distance from there.

If you go in the evening, you might also be able to listen to the accordian performer give you a little taste of his classic Italian tunes.