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Mansplanation of the Week, directed at Bernice King

By Haley Verre

Staff Writer

Being “mansplained” to, or when a man explains something to a woman in a patronizing way, is always a frustrating experience. But imagine having someone mansplain a topic to you regarding your very own father.

Bernice King, the youngest daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.  was the recent victim of a mansplanation from the user @Robert2300328 on Twitter. King commented on the NFL controversy surrounding players protesting by bending the knee during the National Anthem.

Bernice King. Source: Wikipedia Commons

In response to anger over these peaceful protests, King tweeted, “People didn’t approve of the way my father protested injustice either; said he was causing trouble, called him an ‘outside agitator’”.

“Robert” responded by tweeting, “Please don’t take a honest man and try and turn him into something thats not him. He believed in peaceful protests, you tarnish his legacy.” This is an incredibly ignorant statement considering Bernice King is her father’s literal living legacy.

Just to give an idea of what this “Robert” character is like, his Twitter features a graphic of a middle finger with “#BLM” written across. Additionally, pro-Trump videos and right-wing posts makeup the majority of his Twitter feed.

Twitter users were quick to denounce “Robert” and came to King’s defense. The internet can be a unforgiving and merciless place when it comes to attacking bigots. Although people were angry, the best response ironically comes from the user @justhate: “Please read a few books, your ignorance about MLK is shameful but fixable.”

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