Taylor Swift’s new album, “Red,” doesn’t disappoint

Taylor Swift released her fourth and latest album, titled “Red” on Monday, Oct. 22. Now, before you continue to read this review of her new record, I believe it only fair of me to admit that if Taylor Swift put her name on a blank CD I would be waiting in line at midnight to buy it. Needless to say, I’ve had “Red” on repeat for almost two weeks straight.
It is a very well rounded album, in the sense that there’s a song to describe every emotion, from sad breakups to new love,  from regrets to carefree fun.  It’s easy to find the perfect song for any part of your day.
Whether you’re looking for a track to blast while you drive around town with the windows down, like “Stay Stay Stay,” or maybe one to serve as calm background music playing through your headphones while you write yet another seven plus page paper, like “Begin Again.”
Then there’s always those times when you’re upset and you can’t help but turn to a song that fits your mood and is almost guaranteed to make you cry, so you put on “I Almost Do.” No matter what you’re doing or how you’re feeling, there’s a Taylor Swift song for that.
Swift’s genre is labeled “country,” even though it could easily be argued that some of the tracks are much more pop, but nonetheless they all seem to be too catchy to dislike no matter what your music taste.
Swift’s latest album includes a wide range of songs, from “22,” an upbeat fun sing-and-dance-along song, to “The Last Time,” a duet with Snow Patrol lead singer Gary Lightbody, that is somewhat of a tearjerker.
“Red” depicts a more mature and even more talented Swift than we’ve ever heard before. As she continues to write or co-write every single one of her songs, Swift never ceases to prove that she is talented and relatable.
She has the ability to put in to words all of those crazy, confusing emotions that most of us girls can’t ever seem to describe. Swift’s lyrics really hit home with her fans. Her seemingly sweet and friendly personality doesn’t hurt either.
According to Swift’s website, “Red” sold more than 1.2 million copies in its first week, and “is only the 18th album in history to sell a million units in a single week.”
The numbers seem to speak for themselves, Swift really hit a homerun with this one.