‘Sidelines’ launches Spring 2017 edition

By Ellen Garnett

Staff Writer

This week, “Sidelines,” Simmons’ own literary and artistic magazine, launched its Spring 2017 edition. The newest edition features visual art with a focus on the use of watercolor, including a variety of paintings, drawings, photographs, and digital collages. Its poetry and prose section was described as “emotionally charged,” by senior Colleen Sargent, one of Sidelines’ co-editors, accompanied by her fellow co-editor, Madison Holland.

Source: Ellen Garnett

Sidelines launched on Tues., April 11, with an intimate party in the Trustman Art Gallery that featured readings by student writers and a Q&A with poet Rebecca Morgan Frank.

“I enjoyed working with writers during my time as prose editor, and this past year, it’s been amazing to see how much work and planning goes into the production of our final issue,” said Sargent. “I am relieved and sad that my time at Sidelines is coming to a close.”

Sargent worked as a prose editor for Sidelines during her sophomore and junior year.

Pick up your own copy in Beatley Library at the Circulation Desk near the stacks of newspapers.