Love is love is love is love at Simmons College

By Ellen Garnett

Staff Writer

At Simmons, Valentine’s Day is not just about showing appreciation for your romantic partner, but also for your platonic friends and favorite professors. Various organizations around campus participated in the chocolate-indulgent holiday to spread the love.

Source: Ellen Garnett

On Monday, while everyone was cozy in their pajamas because of the snow day, the Simmons Anime and Manga Association (SAMA) delivered baked goods and heart-shaped chocolate lollipops to students’ doors on the residence campus. Funds raised during its bake sale support members’ participation in anime conventions.

“SAMA is a club that brings the joy of anime and Japanese culture to Simmons,” said Elizabeth Carey, President of SAMA. “We like to watch anime, make cosplays (costume play), and create panels on topics of interest involving Japanese culture. We are simple nerd folk who enjoy getting together and loving something with a common bond.”

The Class of 2018 also got a head start on the holiday by providing students with materials to create their own valentines in Bartol Hall.

There was everything from pre-made meme valentines (This year I don’t wanna be Obamaself) to artsy scrapbook valentines.

On the actual holiday, other student clubs offered last-minute valentine gifts.

The Honors Liaison hosted a fundraiser by selling carnations for $1 in the newly-renovated entrance of the Main College Building. Small handwritten notes were customizable and accompanied the flowers.

Source: Elizabeth Carey

“The Honors Liaison fosters community at Simmons,” said Tina Rullo, Vice President of the Honors Liaison. “[The Honors Liaison] is supposed to bring people together by encouraging leadership and hosting interest-based events for honors members and the larger student body.”

Meanwhile, the Student Government Association (SGA) also distributed roses from Global Rose. There were red roses for romantic partners and yellow roses for friends and favorite professors.

The two colors, according to members who tabled at the event, were meant to make Valentine’s Day more inclusive of people in non-romantic relationships.

In the Student Activities Center (SAC), the Class of 2019 hosted a cookie decorating event, where students could add frosting and sprinkles to spruce up their valentine treats.

The group posed it as a chance to give a cookie to someone else or oneself.

Right next to the Class of 2019, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) also opened a craft corner for students.

CAB brought out supplies to decorate mason jars, which was a pretty big hit for the organization, as participants used up four cases of jars only a few hours into the event.

The event shared in the common theme of inclusive valentine appreciation.

“We wanted to do something different for Valentine’s Day, where you can make something for others or for yourself,” said Monica Tham, Vice President of CAB.

The next holiday is St. Patrick’s Day, so stay tuned on upcoming events at Simmons and especially around the Boston area.