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Apple unveils new MacBook Pro, faces controversy

By Ashley Chen

Contributing Writer

Last month, Apple announced its 2016 MacBook Pro. Since the thinner and slicker model made its debut on Oct. 26, it has caused some controversies in the tech world.

Source: BestBuy

The Touch Bar, an interactive touch screen, is the most obvious update in the new Macbook Pro. Located at the top of the keyboard, users can now customize its use for iMessage, website shortcuts, and more.

Some bizarre features have also left customers questioning the design of the new computer. Just a few months ago, Apple announced that the iPhone 7 lacks a headphone jack. Oddly enough, the new Macbook Pro still features a headphone jack port but no built-in port for the iPhone 7 wired headphones. This means the lightning headphones provided for the iPhone 7 cannot be used with the new MacBook Pro, and frustrates customers who own both devices that their unique wired headphones cannot be used by both devices.

The new MacbookPro’s CPU performance is unlikely to surpass the CPU of the 2012 MacBook Pro model. The 2016 model will ship with RAM and processor specs of 16GB and 2.4 gigahertz dual-core processors, which is comparable with other brands of lower price ranges like Lenovo and HP.

A big drawback for creators and artists considering the new MacBook Pro is the removal of the HDMI port and SD card reader. This leads to Apple’s innovation of fully implementing all of its accessories to USB-C. Cables for display ports, HDMI, and many others will need to be purchased separately from the laptop. However, prices for USB-C accessories will cost from $25-$70 each.

Apple has also decided to stop its production of the MacBook Air, which is their thinnest laptops to date. Instead, customers will now have to choose between two MacBook Pros; the difference being the Touch Bar.

It is not a surprise that Apple is taking charge of innovating the use of personal computers in 2016. However, customers should carefully think about the tradeoffs they will need to make before purchasing Apple’s new personal computer. The 2016 MacBook Pro can now be bought in-store or online. Models range from $1,499 to $1,999 in Space Gray or Silver.

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