Canadians: “America’s already great”

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By Sophia Simeone
Staff Writer

In these tense and trying times, Canada just wants you to know you’re great.
As the election season draws to a close (and American existential anxiety reaches its peak) Toronto-based creative agency The Garden has launched a social media campaign to send their southern neighbors some much-needed positivity. Using the hashtag #TellAmericaItsGreat, The Garden invited Canadians to share compliments and well-wishes via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a series of YouTube videos.
“As we set out, we weren’t exactly sure how people would react,” reads the campaign’s mission statement. “After all, America is far from perfect, and one of Canada’s favorite pastimes is pointing out those imperfections. But while we definitely had some who declined to share, we were pleasantly surprised by the large number of people who wanted to.”
“Hey guys, we’re just up here in Canada talking about how great you guys are down there, and we just thought we’d send you a little bit of a love note,” says one man in the campaign’s upbeat introductory video.
Other Canadians praised America’s diversity, its technological innovations, and its influence on art and music. “You guys are gonna get humanity to Mars,” says another woman on the video.
“America, you gave the world cherry Coke and the Internet and the Golden Girls,” reads one tweet. “Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not great.”
One of the founders of The Garden told the “New York Times” that the campaign’s slogan is a play on Donald Trump’s infamous motto, “Make America Great Again.”
The friendly-Canadian stereotype has perhaps never rung so true. For a dose of positivity, courtesy of your friendly neighbors to the north, suspend your cynicism and visit