SGA releases statement of solidarity

By Maddy Longwell

Staff Writer

This week, the Simmons Student Government Association (SGA) made a significant announcement in response to the shootings in Tulsa Okla. and Charlotte N.C. In an email sent to the entire student body, the SGA made an official statement of solidarity and support. The statement was addressed to all of those impacted by the “tragic events that took place in Tulsa and Charlotte, protests across the country, and the important discussions surround ing anti-blackness.”

“We are here to support the spaces you have created and are here to help open more for you as well. In these spaces we want you to be comfortable to grieve with your fellow black peers, to self-care with them, to express your anger, to love every part of yourselves, to dance, sing, be free and careless. We are here to help craft a community, where it is possible for you to thrive, where your voices will be heard, where your feelings and emotions are valid, where you are properly represented, where your blackness is free to roam without fear, condemnation, or rebuke,” a portion of the statement read.

In addition, the SGA announced that part of the weekly SGA meeting on Wednesday, September 28, would be dedicated to “offering a space for students to grieve, voice their concerns and be affirmed.” The SGA also announced a similar plan for the Wednesday, October 5 meeting, which will be dedicated to a discussion on anti-blackness facilitated by a few members of the executive board.

Each week the SGA meets in room C103 at 3:30 p.m.