Missed episode 6 of Euphoria? Here’s a recap before you watch the latest installment


Euphoria season 2 poster from HBO max

Abby Reid, Contributing Writer

For many people, Sunday is now dedicated to watching Euphoria. On February 13, at 9:00 pm ET, Season 2 Episode 6 of Euphoria was released on HBO Max. To no surprise, this episode was action packed and left the audience with their jaws dropped during multiple scenes. 

The episode started off with main character Rue sitting at the kitchen table, struggling to open a jolly rancher candy. Rue is currently going through drug withdrawals at home, after her mother found out she had relapsed. 

While Rue is still at home recovering, she decides to call her former sponsor Ali, to apologize for saying some horrible things to him about him and his family. Rue is very emotional during this scene, and struggles to get her words out. Ali accepts Rue’s apology and later stops by to see Rue, and cook dinner for her and her family. 

The next scene shows Nate Jacobs, his brother, and mother in the kitchen eating and the mother celebrating the absence of Cal Jacobs, Nate’s controlling and manipulative father who recently left his family. After breakfast, Nate decides to check his phone. He sees that there are 38 missed calls from Cassie, but 0 from Maddy, both women he has been seeing. 

Kat meets Ethan for lunch, but is very uneasy and distracted. Kat and Ethan break up, but not until after Kat lies and tells Ethan she has a terminal illness and then acts annoyed when Ethan doesn’t believe her.

Cassie is at home freaking out because Maddy knows she’s been hooking up with Nate. Lexi is then told to hide all of the sharp knives outside by her mother because she is afraid Cassie will hurt herself. Lexi then goes over to see Fezco, where she tells him how she doesn’t know if she should put on her play anymore because of her sister Cassie.

Nate decides he needs to save his father’s business, since it is going to be his one day. While Maddy and Samantha, the mother Maddy babysits for, drink wine together in the pool and talk.

Lexi and Fezco get high together and sing an adorable performance of Stand By Me, by Ben E. King.

At the end of the episode, Nate sneaks into Maddy’s room with a gun and threatens to kill himself until she gives him back his fathers sex tapes she stole before. He then stops at Jules, Rue’s best friend and now ex-girlfriend’s house to give the disc to her, before picking up Cassie and bringing her back to his house.

The episode ends with Rue’s mother on the phone begging for Rue to be put into an inpatient hospital for rehab, because she fears Rue will end her life if not. Rue and Gia, Rue’s sister, are asleep in Rue’s room together while this happens.