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On my time at the Simmons Voice

I had written just one article for the Simmons Voice when I nervously approached last year’s editor-in-chief, Anne Karasek, to ask about the position of Arts & Entertainment editor.

It was about internships or something. It was dumb. I quoted my sister.

But I got the gig. And it was the most exciting moment in my Simmons career. Over the next few months, I stuck by Karasek and worked tirelessly on my page. I fumbled, as cub reporters do, but I was also able to accrue additional skills and new responsibilities.

I became the social media manager, public relations representative, and the editorial writer. I tensely waited to see if I would be made the next editor-in-chief. Anne continued to assure me that I was a shoo-in, but I needed it to be announced. I needed to know for sure.

And I got it. It was the result of hard work, good timing, and a lot of luck. As A&E editor, I went head-to-head with a handful of people on a variety of conflicts. But now I finally had the authority to back it up.

I have been so fortunate to have had a team of passionate page editors and copy editors, and a dedicated following of professors and alums. Not every student reads the Voice, but I’m okay with that.

Working as editor-in-chief has been the most challenging, rewarding, and enriching experience of my life. I have been infuriated at the irresponsibility of some, and overwhelmed by the talent of others.

I have been disappointed, because it’s disappointing when people don’t care about something you treasure. I have been so proud, because it’s incredible when editors and writers show up day after day, week after week, and give it their all.

The administration has alluded to suing me for articles I’ve written, and has been “disappointed” by pieces I’ve published. But we don’t work for them. We work for you: The students, alums, and professors.

Simmons has turned its back on us in a lot of ways. They’ve fired some of our favorite professors, cut our department’s funding (in addition to the funding of many other departments), and told us journalism isn’t a viable profession. But the Voice lives on.

We spent the past two semesters proving we’re relevant. We’re not as engrossing as a Buzzfeed quiz, and we’re not as sophisticated as the New York Times, but we continue to contribute to the Simmons experience.

If I have any advice for students, it is to come to the newsroom. Talk to the editors. Write an article that you care about fiercely. Everyone will tell you that journalism is dead, but it’s not. It never will be.

Journalism will change and evolve. It will never look the same, and it’s never easy. But it is more important than it ever has been. It defines cultures, and holds politics accountable. It tells you what’s happening on the other side of the globe, and what’s going on in your backyard.

The Simmons Voice may seem like a college extracurricular, but it’s more than that, I assure you. I encourage you, regardless of your background, to get involved.

To everyone who has worked with me, for me, against me, I want to thank you. These have been the best two semesters of my life, and they would not have been possible without you.

Taylor Rapalyea

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