Halloween during COVID: a how-to


Sarah Carlon, Editor-in-Chief

This piece was featured in episode 4 of the Welcome Home podcast. Click here to listen.

We’re just days away from Halloween, and the usual celebrations of costume parties and bobbing for apples just cannot happen this year– but that doesn’t mean a safe, healthy, and socially distant Halloween isn’t possible! Here are five ideas on how to celebrate the spookiest day of the year while also respecting pandemic guidelines.

1. Have a Zoom costume party

Ok, I know everyone is sick of Zoom at this point, but hear me out: throw on your best Chewbacca mask and have a costume party over video chat with your friends! Everyone can send in two or three pics of their costumes beforehand and you all vote on who’s costume is best. 

2. Remote scary movie night!

Horror buffs like myself, this one’s for you. If you and your friends are separated on Halloween, consider holding a scary movie night over video chat. Services like Netflix Party, Scener, Disney Plus Party, and Watch Together can create a space where you and your friends can watch the same movie in real time. 

3. Virtual haunted house tour

Yes, these are a thing! Gather your friends and book a virtual tour of haunted spots like the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California; the Paris Catacombs, the Salem Witch Museum, or Ghost Stories of Tacoma. All of these places offer completely virtual tours, and some even give you the history of the place as well!

4. Arrange a trick-or-treat drop-off.

There is no such thing as being too old to trick-or-treat. Head on over to CVS and grab a party pack of candy, and make Halloween goody bags for your friends. It’ll bring a smile to their face, and hey, if you eat half the candy in the value pack, they’ll never know!

5. Virtual pumpkin carving

Gather your friends for a night of pumpkin carving over Zoom! This is not only a holiday-appropriate activity, but who doesn’t love carving pumpkins?

We know that it’s difficult to be apart during this time, but there is still a risk for transmission at any in-person get together. If you are going to have a distanced get together, however, the CDC recommends that everyone stay at least six feet away from each other, wear masks at all times, don’t share food, utensils, or any other items, and ideally stay outside. Click here to see the CDC’s full risk list for Halloween celebrations.

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