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‘Stranger Things 2’ is as charming as it is frightening

By Haley Verre

Staff Writer

“Stranger Things 2” official poster. Source: The Verge

Stranger Things 2 is the brilliant sequel to last summer’s hit show. It takes the best parts of the previous season to make the plot better and stranger than it was before.

The show’s 80s nostalgia and clever humor add a warmth to an otherwise chilling plot. The big hair and catchy tunes are so much fun that you sometimes forget the entire town of Hawkins is being threatened by a dark, mysterious shadow creature.

The brilliance of the show also lies in the details. The posters on the wall, the can of Pringles, and the commercials on TV are all identical to those from 1984.

Joyce, the mother of the previously missing Will, speeds past a sign that reads, “School Zone – 20 mph.” It’s little humorous moments like that you could easily miss if you’re not watching carefully enough.

If those funny moments don’t do it for you, the sass of the teenagers will. Going to high school and dealing with bullies can just as hard as battling literal monsters, but the main characters do it with the same quick wit and sarcasm that got them through the first season.

One problem with this season is the introduction of the characters Max and Billy, who aren’t nearly charming or relatable enough to be remotely likable.

Max, the rebellious skateboard-riding redhead, takes Eleven’s place as the token female of the friend group. Even if she may grow on you, Billy is just far too intolerable to be a good addition to the show.

The teenage actors carry out the scenes dealing with anger, heartbreak, and fear in a way that is well beyond their years. Their emotional performance is so convincing you may forget you’re watching a television show.

The second season of Stranger Things is a much-watch if you are ready for more adventure, more synthesized beats, and more Eggos.

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