Elon Musk launches company to merge brain with AI

By Shen Gao

Staff Writer

Report by “The Wall Street Journal” on Monday stated that Elon Musk has launched a new company, called Neuralink, with the goal of merging human brains with artificial intelligence.

Source: Susana Gonzalez/Getty Images

The company is developing a technology that would allow humans to communicate with computers without using a physical interface—such as keyboards, screens, etc. Dubbed “neural lace”, the technology outlines the idea of implanting electrodes in the brain to allow people to upload or download their thoughts to or from a computer.

Musk first announced the idea for this product in 2016 at a conference, describing it as a creation that would allow humans to achieve “symbiosis” with computers. He explained that this would prevent humans from being “house cats” under the control of AI. He added that the neural lace would be “[a] third, digital layer that could work well and symbiotically.”

In January of this year, Elon announced on Twitter that there will be an official announcement of the concept in the near future.