Alum Profile: Laura Williamson

By Alison Berstein

Staff Writer

The Simmons Voice sat down with Laura Williamson, class of December 2015, and invited her to share her Simmons memories.

Laura photo
Source: Laura Williamson

Describe Simmons in a few words.

It’s the best. Best college ever.

Do you have a favorite professor?

I really liked Professor Birchander and Valerie Leiter.

Is there a course that you particularly enjoyed?

Health, Illness, and Society. There were some psychology ones that I liked.

What is it about Simmons that you like?

It’s such a welcoming, empowering environment. All of the students and professors are so amazingly warm and supportive and it’s like another family.  And to be honest, I still go back every week to have Bartol dinner.

What values has Simmons instilled in you or reminded you of?

I’ve had it throughout my life, but it just enforced the power of bonding and supporting others, just the power of connecting with everyone.

It feels like another home. I have some great memories of hanging out with friends and just everything, everything, everything. I miss Simmons, I miss everything.

Talk about a project or assignment that really resonated with you.

The final paper I did for my internship, I liked it because I could apply it to what I was doing and seeing at the National Brain Tumor Society. I was writing about the power of collaboration, and how much more can be accomplished with everyone working together rather than in silos.

Quick, you have 30 seconds to tell a student why they should come to Simmons! What would you tell them?

It’s a welcoming empowering supportive college with many, many good friends and professors and all-around great vibes. Great atmosphere, great vibes.

Do you have a favorite Simmons memory?

I loved hanging out on the residence campus with friends. To be honest, I also just enjoyed going to Bartol in the evening and decompressing and hanging out with friends, seeing the amazing friendly staff at Bartol.

Advice for the current first-years?

Embrace it, reach out to all of those around you, because just like you, it’s a new situation for them and they too are looking for friends and those to connect with. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your professors or advisor for help.

That’s really good advice. When these first-years become seniors themselves and are preparing to graduate, what do you want them to know?

Fully enjoy it because once you graduate, you miss it so much. You miss the environment and friends and any staff you were close with so much. I go back every week to see a friend that’s still there and have a Bartol dinner, and the Bartol staff embrace me.

In your senior year, you’re like ‘I’m ready to get out of there’, but fully enjoy it while you have it, because once you graduate, you miss it. At least I do.