Students smash scales for NEDA

By Lindsey Stokes
Staff Writer

pic of a student smashing a scale
Photo: Lindsey Stokes

The Smith Hall parking lot was the place where scales, and  with them negative body image, came to die Sunday at the annual Scale Smash hosted by the Active Minds Coalition and the Sexuality Women and Gender Center (SWAG).

Twenty students braved the 28 degree blustery day to participate in the event that’s become a prominent part of National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) week at the College.

NEDA week attempts to improve understanding of eating disorders, as well as discuss triggers and treatments. This year’s NEDA theme was “I had no idea,” which focused on prevention and early eating disorder warning signs.

Students wielded sledgehammers and donned safety goggles, smiling and smashing their scales. Meanwhile passersby stopped to watch and ask questions.

“I see this every year but I’ve never done it,” said Simmons student Olivia Kritzman. “Now I have!”

Students also used Sharpies provided by SWAG and Active Minds to write personal messages on their scales before obliterating them.

Students witnessing the smash shouted encouraging words and cheered as bit by bit the scales were destroyed.

“How do I know when to stop?” asked one student, laughing at the dented scale on the ground.

“When you feel good!” replied a voice from the crowd.

The event was followed by a Speak-Out in Quadside which allowed the scale smashers to share experiences and decompress.