‘Sidelines’: a little book of beauty

By Lisa Nault
Staff Writer

SidelinesArt is truly amazing, and I am not just saying this because I am a communications major. It has a way of creating an interest in ordinary items or events that you may not have looked at in that way.

Poetry uses words to tell a story that everyone can interpret in their own way and reflect on. “Sidelines” contains real talent from poets, artists, and photographers.

The artists’ use of colors in their artwork is notable. Either the colors are bright, harsh, and gritty like in the incredibly striking “Fierce” by Lauren Contic or soft, light, and smooth as is seen in “Isabel” by Eva Anner. Alaxandra Curtiss has several pieces of art that appear astronomical in coloring which contrasts well with the simple black lines that detail the faces of her subjects.

My personal favorite piece of art (not including poetry and photographs) is “Violet, Forget-Me-Not, Dill” by Eva Anner. The design is simple yet intricate at the same time. The atmosphere seems disorienting through the variations of horizontal and vertical lines. The fact that the woman is the only subject in a low saturated color pallet immediately draws the viewers’ attention to her. The picture makes me very curious about the lives of the people in it that led to the moment that is captured.

The photography in this book is also very interesting, ranging from beautiful landscape shots to close-ups of human faces. Many of the compositions isolate the subject in them. My favorite isolating image is “A long Walk” by Kethry Burke-Scovill. The vastness of the flat space is different then what are used to seeing here in the busy city of Boston. It looks beautiful in its serenity and even though the figure is a distance away the detail of their attire stand out.

One of the best photographs is “Masquerading” by Sydney Pardi. It is a simple image full of destruction with a subtlety about it. Having the dollhouse take up most of the frame was a good choice and the caution tape acts as a leading line to the house but also adds an element of curiosity to it. Why is there caution tape? Did something bad happen?

There are so many diverse poems and short stories that it would be impossible to describe them all. Take a look for yourself at these very talented individuals. They are true artists with a creativity that is exposed through their works.