The perfect albums for your dream summer vacation

Piper Summer, Contributing Writer

With finals season completed and summer vacation just beginning, Simmons students can be found all around the country and even the world. To accompany our diverse student body on their adventures, wherever they may lead this summer, I’ve curated a selection of albums based on your dream summer vacation. 

If your dream summer consists of camping in the mountains, communing with nature, and getting a farmer’s tan on long hikes, the album for you is “Stick Season” by Noah Kahan. The 2022 album will no doubt become a classic, and you may recognize “Homesick” from the lyrics, “I would leave if only I could find a reason / I’m mean because I grew up in New England.” The album is great for reading a book in your favorite hammock with the right amount of sonic intrigue to keep you going without being overly distracting. 

If you see yourself on a cross-country road trip exploring all the little corners of America, eating at 50s-themed diners along Route 20, and spending the nights in retro motels all across the country, the album for you is “Greatest Hits” by Simon & Garfunkel. The album includes the best of the best from the duo, from the immersive “America” to the nostalgic “Mrs. Robinson.” The musical duo had their fair share of ups and downs and falling outs throughout their career, which many students may feel energetically aligned with by the end of the semester. Hopefully, there was a happy ending for every student after all their hard work

If you would love to spend your time exploring the music scene of your hometown, learning to play guitar, and working at your local record store, the album for you is “American Thighs” by Veruca Salt. Started in the 90s in Chicago, the band’s grunge aesthetic and attitude is evident in their music. The alternative rock band’s first album has an edge, but largely remains soft. “Forsythia” has been a favorite song of mine for years, with a simple but groovy baseline and soft rock vocals. Other tracks I recommend include the nearly shoegaze track “Get Back” and the heart-wrenching “Wolf,” but every track on the record has a place in my heart.

If you want nothing more than to get lost in New York City, introduce yourself to as many bodega cats as possible, and go to concerts at Madison Square Garden, the album for you is “The New Abnormal” by The Strokes. Throughout The Strokes’ discography there is a clear sonic landscape that almost every indie pop aficionado is familiar with as a highly influential band. The music is a great soundtrack for daydreaming, “Why Are Sundays So Depressing” can transport you to a nice sunny walk around Central Park, and “Eternal Summer” to a rooftop kickback. If you’re not careful, “Selfless” might transport you back to the trenches of your old situationship. Proceed with caution.

If you’re a bonafide beach bum dreaming of long days at the shore, the smell of sunscreen, and endless paletas, the album for you is “Solar Power” by Lorde. The album sparked controversy after its release for falling away from Lorde’s typical sad-girl vibes into something more bright. Moving from introspective ideas in “Mood Ring,” where she sings, “Watch the sun set, look back on my life / I just wanna know, will it be alright?” to the hopeful lyrics in “Helen of Troy,” with “Give yourself a break, have a little faith / Let’s hear it for the girls / Living in the modern world,” you can imagine yourself lying on a beach somewhere, or if you’re lucky, maybe you are getting some much-deserved beach time!

Finally, if you would love to traverse around Europe, eat fresh food from outdoor markets, and admire some of the most beautiful art in the world’s best museums, the album for you is “Avete ragione tutti” by Canova. The Italian indie pop band has bright beats with often less-than-happy lyrics, but unless you are fluent in Italian, don’t worry about that part too much. One of their most popular songs, “Manzarek,” is an all-time favorite of mine, and it reminds me of my time in Italy last summer. “Aziz” is also a song I love, and the name is a sweet homage to the singer’s best friend.

With summer knocking on our doors, I hope that these albums put you in the mood for the summer of your dreams.