Horoscopes for the week of 2/17


Carah Sarlon, The Voice's Resident Astrologer

It’s written in the stars ~~


Aquarius: You’ve got two more days of Aquarius season. Consider this a threat.


Pisces: It’s almost your time to shine– Pisces szn is right around the corner! Stop moping about the fact that two days ago you could have held the door for someone and didn’t. I promise it didn’t affect them nearly as much as it’s affecting you.


Aries: I know it’s so gray and dreary but low barometric pressure is not an excuse to not do your homework. Seriously, you have energy for everything else except for the things you should be doing.


Taurus: Do not spend $200 at the LF sale. I know you were thinking about it, but don’t. 


Gemini: I can hear you thinking from here, Gemini. Everything’s going to be fine.


Cancer: You should reread all of the Harry Potter books. I don’t know why but the time feels right.


Leo: You don’t have to do everything by yourself. There’s this cool new thing, it’s called help. You should ask for some sometime.


Virgo: “New year new me!” It’s February, but keep doing you Virgo!


Libra: You don’t need another pair of star-shaped earrings. Trust me.


Scorpio: A Scorpio dressing like a recently-resurrected-from-the-dead-goth-vampire-witch? Groundbreaking.


Sagittarius: Don’t get on a Peter Pan bus headed for Maine because you need to “escape from the city.” Please write that paper that was due two days ago.


Capricorn: Dude I love you but no one wants to hear about how you started investing in Uber.