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Eva Weber: the best dad the Voice ever had

By Jessie Kuenzel
Staff Writer

“I’ve heard it said / that people come into our lives for a reason bringing something we must learn. And we are led to those who help us most to grow if we let them.” – For Good, “Wicked”

Being editor-in-chief of The Simmons Voice is a position that requires a level of dedication and commitment that most students in the throes of their college career wouldn’t be able to maintain. Eva Weber, spring 2015’s Voice editor, not only rose admirably to the position and manned the helm with grace, but she also did so with a plate so full of other commitments that it makes her accomplishments even more impressive.

pic of eva weber
“We’re really going to miss our dad.”

Weber, who will be graduating in a few weeks with the class of 2015, spent her senior year balancing her time between her full course load as a Journalism major, co-captaining the crew team, and handling the many responsibilities of being managing editor (fall) and editor-in-chief (spring) of the Voice.

“I liked that I was able to take a larger role in the Simmons community,” Weber said. “I knew more about what was going on. It’s nice to be the head of something knowing that you’ve got a whole group of people who are backing you up. I think that was my favorite part.”

Moving up the ranks from Staff Writer to Features Editor and, eventually, editor-in-chief, Weber has been an integral member of the Voice staff for several years.

After Sarah Kinney—who was known as the newsroom’s “mom” during her term as editor-in-chief of the Voice—graduated last fall, Weber seamlessly transitioned into the top position, and has been affectionately referred to as the Voice’s “dad” during her editorial term.

“She always seemed like a parent to me,” said one Voice staff member. “We’re really going to miss our dad,” said another.

Managing a staff of over 14 writers as editor-in-chief and co-captaining a team of 30 rowers is no easy feat, but Weber has been more than up to the task. Despite her early morning responsibilities as crew captain, Weber always maintained a positive attitude even when issues of the Voice required her attentions late into the night.

“Even though on production nights I would go to bed really late and then have to get up really early next morning, I would tell my team that they’d have to read the paper,” said Weber. “They were just two very different things. I liked being a part of both. Actually, I think that the newspaper was my reprieve from crew, because this is a completely different group of people. It’s nice to be part of both worlds.”

No matter the time of day, Weber can always be found with a smile on her face; her sunny disposition and well-placed comedic asides can always brighten a room.

After graduation, Weber plans to stay in Boston after a brief trip to Holland, to visit the family she has there. As far as what she’ll do beyond graduation, Weber indicated her interest in working with Pathfinders International, which is a program that advances reproductive rights globally by catalyzing change on a local level.

“As long as I’m writing, I’ll be happy,” Weber said.

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